Waiting Room is a live performance composed of five female performers and a sound work played from a radio in a doctors waiting room. The women, sitting as though waiting for their appointments, respond at varying points in unison by laughing and grunting at a conductor on the radio. The audio narrates an unidentified woman making her way through a busy street outside, spoken in a monotone intonation.


The works structure lends itself from the chorus in Ancient Greek theatre whereby a group of performers comment with a collective voice on the dramatic action on stage.


Duration: 6 mins, repeated as visited


Written and directed by Renèe Helèna Browne

Featuring Saoirse Wall, Aoife Irwin Moore, Aoibhinn O’Dea,Avril Corroon and Fala Buggy.


Solo event presented at the National College of Art and Design, 2013



"Four people wait at the lights now. They’re all wearing yellow t-shirts under their coats. The lights are red and a woman pauses next them. She looks around the street, at the other people waiting and at the buildings, then spots her chance and crosses the road amid the flow of traffic."


Waiting Room radio script extract


Please find audio of the performance here