The following two works were made at The 46th Lock in July 2013. This was a three week residency with nine other invited artists in The Kingfisher barge at the 46th lock of The Royal Canal, Clondra, Longford. The residence lived on the barge and exhibited work in the concluding exhibition 'The 46th Lock Residency Show', located in various locations throughout the town of Clondra. This residency was organised by Eimear Walshe.

Ladder was a temporary structure installed against a school in Clondra to gain access to the roof of the building.



Platform for the Objective was a scripted performance featuring a small constructed wooden stage and a performer; Clondra residency Mary Mc Donnell.  The performer read aloud a series of adjectives used to describe the word 'home', ranging from negative to positive.


Written by Mary Mc Donnell and Renèe Helèna Browne

Located in Mary Mc Donnell's garden

Performed at the opening of 'The Forty Sixth Lock Residency Show'