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Paradox of the Ekkyklêma (2014) is a live scripted performance of two characters, Depluran and Deproof, and a purpose built wooden ekkyklêma. This is a wheeled wooden platform traditionally used in Ancient Greek theatre to bring interior scenes out into the sight of the audience. While pertaining to the creation of an illusion as a narrative device, the ekkyklêma admits to the absurdity of its own presence by being moved onto the stage. Depluran, an ignorant character, and Deproof, a self-aware actor, argue their oppositional feelings on the ekkyklêma’s relationships to theatrical illusion.


Scripted live performance on wooden platform, two performers

Duration: 20 minutes


Written and directed by Renèe Helèna Browne

Featuring Aron Hegarty and Stephen Colfer


Paradox of the Ekkyklêma was exhibited in ‘setup, a device’, a co-curated group exhibition in a vacant warehouse, Mill Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Extract of performance documentation. Please view in 1080pHD




Deproof: Your, I’m, we’re incapable of understanding what you, I, we stand for in reality. [Pushes ekkyklêma in one strong sweep and shouts across to Depluran]

 There’s more than this inferior track of narration you know!


Depluran: Look… look, look, look, look. . . look........

[Appears to forget the discussion, stands confused in silence and then resumes].. Look stop! I wish you, I, we would just listen to the faith I, you, we have. I, you, we admit that I, we, you are never the protagonist in any of these worlds, never hailed nor eulogized for efforts in mediation.


Paradox of the Ekkyklêma script extract

Please find the script in full here