Except of How to Make a Masterpiece.

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8ft Yellow installed at Knowledge and other myths, Platform Arts, Belfast.


How to Make a Masterpiece is a satirical 'how to' video made in response to Art Historian Giorgio Vasari’s Renaissance artist biographies. The work is narrated by a seeming expert as she instructs the viewer on the production of the sculpture 8ft Yellow, a yellow life guard chair. In combination these works over-identify with the artist as genius myth to critique androcentric art historicism in the context of contemporary art practice.


Both works made in collaboration with Avril Corroon.


How to Make a Masterpiece


HD voice-over video, colour with sound

Duration: 6 minutes


8ft Yellow


Plained white deal, yellow gloss paint, screws

2 X 9ft


Supported by:

The Arts Council / An Comhairle Ealaíon

Fire Station Artist' Studios Digital Media Award

Donegal County Council

Dublin City Council


Developed on residency at Fire Station Artist' Studios, Dublin.


Both works exhibited in 'Knowledge and other myths' at Platform Arts, Belfast, 2016. How to Make a Masterpiece was installed on a 32" flat screen TV attached to a tripod.



Alternative Structures by Dorothy Hunter,

International Sculpture Centre 2015


Midlands Arts and Culture Magazine, Issue 25, 2016


Special thanks to Brendan Begley, John Kavanagh and Derek Connelly.