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And again, repeat is a scripted performance featuring a dancer and a purpose built ekkyklêma. This is a wheeled wooden platform traditionally used in Ancient Greek theatre to bring interior scenes out into the sight of the audience. Appropriating yoga positions, ham acting and ballet, the work contains three characters played by the dancer representing levels of theatrical hierarchy; a director, a performer and a prop.



Scripted live performance on wooden platform, one performer

Duration: 15 minutes, repeated for 2 hours


Written and directed by Renèe Helèna Browne

Featuring Shamaim de Brun

Choreography by Renèe Helèna Browne and Shamim de Brun


Performed at the National College of Art and Design Graduate Exhibition 2014, Dublin.



"With all of this to what extent do I perform?

Performer, imitator, communicator of an act.

Communicator of an act ... an act... An ... aaaccccctttttttt...

I’m more like a whisper in your ear than a soprano at the opera..



And again, repeat script extract